Injection Port Septa

Injector septa used in Gas Chromatography provide a critical role in maintaining system isolation but allowing the sample to be introduced onto the column in a Quantative manor. Since the injector septa provide the seal between the inner workings of the injector and the laboratory environment, it must have several desirable
characteristics. For best performance the septa should be inert, low off-gassing of silicone oligomers, soft?enough to avoid bending the needle and reseal after injection and resistant to coring by the syringe.

We offer a range of inert septa, suited to different application needs.

  • The BTO (orange) septa offer the ultimate in inertness and are ideally suited to GC/MS applications and trace analysis.
  • The mid-range advanced green septa combine low inlet adhesion properties with long lifetime and are recommended for GC applications.
  • The blue septa offer a high-performance cost-effective alternative, offering a good level of inertness and are also recommended for GC applications.

Septa come packed in a glass jar, for high purity. Or select the disc format where septa are located in individual pockets for ease of selection and avoids any risk of cross contamination.

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  • PerkinElmer

    PTFE/Silicone Injector Septa - 11 mm, 12/pk

    Maximum recommended operating temperature 300°C.

    List Price : 18.00 USD
  • Injection Port Septa

    Merlin MicroSeal Septum Kit

    The kit includes: Injector Port Adapter, 2 Septa [#N9303345] and 1 Nut. The kit is compatibile with:
    • CAP [Capillary] injector for Clarus 480, 580, 680
    • PSS [Programmed Temperature Split/Splitless] injector for all Clarus models
    List Price : 512.00 USD
  • PHPL_02251

    Blue Injection Port Septa

    Septa rated to 275 °C. The blue septa are designed for routine applications. Employing a soft silicone rubber material and stay clean surface, they are easy to penetrate without a recess.
    Price Range : 17.00 USD - 73.00 USD
  • PHPL_02250

    Green Injection Port Septa

    The advanced green septa were created to combine significantly longer injection life, low bleed and injection port adhesion. The septa have a 350°C temperature limit.
    Price Range : 30.00 USD - 101.00 USD
  • Merlin MicroSeal Septum, Pkg. 1

    Spare septum for kit N9303344. The kit is compatibile with:
    • CAP [Capillary] injector for Clarus 480, 580, 680
    • PSS [Programmed Temperature Split/Splitless] injector for all Clarus models
    List Price : 211.00 USD
  • Thermogreen

    PerkinElmer Injection Port Septa, Pkg. 50

    PerkinElmer Injector Septa, low bleed over a wide range of inlet temperatures -100 to 350 °C. Easier needle penetration and high puncture tolerance make this septum ideal for autosamplers. This septum is already conditioned and ready to use.
    List Price : 211.00 USD
  • PHPL_02249

    BTO Orange Injection Port Septa

    Septa rated to 400 °C. The precision molded silicone rubber septa BTO? (Bleed Temperature Optimized) are premium ultra-low bleed injector septa for today’s most demanding applications.
    Price Range : 31.00 USD - 119.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    20 mm PTFE/Silicone Septa for Aluminum Crimp Cap, 1000/pk

    For sealing sample vials for temperatures up to 210°C. Recommend for storage and for multiple injection use.

    List Price : 650.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    PTFE Coated Silicone Septa for 20 mm Headspace Vials, Pkg. 100

    PTFE Coated Silicone Septa, with 3 mm thickness, have been designed to be used with 20 mm Headspace Vials.

    List Price : 111.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Injector Septum Cap Assembly

    This injector septum cap assembly is a replacement part for the Clarus 500/580 and Clarus 600/680 Gas Chromatographs. The assembly contains the threaded cap body, cap top, spring washers, flat washer, retaining ring and one PE green injector port septa.
    List Price : 81.00 USD