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When you order our precision designed, genuine PerkinElmer consumables and accessories, you can enjoy the peace of mind, ease of ordering and best in class service. You’ll get the results you need – accurately and on time. We select only the highest quality products for our consumables portfolio and invest heavily to test and validate the quality of our products which provide reliable performance, control operating costs and maximize the uptime of your instrument.

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It just makes sense that the engineers who designed and built your instruments would deliver the same high quality in consumables, too. Only PerkinElmer consumables are built to fit your instrumentation precisely. And get the best performance from it over the long run.

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Atomic Spectroscopy Consumables

PerkinElmer is the world leader in atomic spectroscopy solutions for atomic absorption (AA), inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP OES) ...

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Chromatography Consumables

Whatever your application, industry requirements or regulations, we have a breadth of solutions designed to solve your separation and detection challenges. For ...

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Materials Characterization Consumables

From the measurement of DNA purity to characterization of the most advanced engineered materials, we provide the widest range of solutions available from one co ...

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