CHNSO Analysis


Rapidly determine the carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, or oxygen in inorganic and other types of materials. Our proven elemental analyzers handle a wide variety of sample types including solids, liquids, volatile and viscous samples. Examples of how our elemental analysis technology is applied today include:

  • Pharmaceutical / Chemical: confirmatory analysis, purity
  • Energy: C/H Ratio of fuel, BTU analysis of coal, impurities analysis
  • Polymers: blend analysis, nitrogen level
  • Environmental: C/N ratio in soil, sediment and plant material, organic particulate collected on filters, nitrogen content in fertilizer
  • Food / Animal Feed: protein content, product labeling
  • Explosives: nitrogen content

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  • Accessories (67)
  • Consumables (3)
  • Instruments (1)
  • Pyrex (1)
  • Quartz (3)
  • Stainless Steel (1)
  • Tygon (1)
Volume Capacity
  • 100 g (2)
  • 454 g (1)
  • 50 g (3)
Maximum Temperature (Celsius)
  • Over 100 (1)
Minimum Temperature (Celsius)
  • 90-100 (1)
Model Compatible With
  • 2400 Series II CHNS/O (14)
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  • Calibration (EA) (4)
  • Capsules and Replacement Parts (6)
  • Combustion and Reduction Tubes (10)
  • Filter Disk (2)
  • Flat Tin Disks (1)
  • Gas Line Assemblies (2)
  • Gas Purifier (1)
  • Instrument Tools (1)
  • Reagent (EA) (6)
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  • Regulators (5)
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  • Retrieving Wire (1)
  • Sample Pedestals (1)
  • Starter Kit (8)
  • Wrenches (2)
Standard Type
  • Cloth (EA) (1)
  • Reagents (6)
  • Elemental Analysis (1)
Technology Type
  • AA (1)
  • EA (13)
  • Elemental Analysis (1)
  • ICP-MS (1)
  • ICP-OES (1)
  • TEA (25)

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  • 2400 CHNSO Series II System

    2400 CHNS/O Series II System (100V)

    The 2400 Series II CHNS/O Elemental Analyzer is one of the leading organic elemental analyzers. It is ideal for the rapid determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen content in organic and other types of materials.
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 1287.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Oxygen Analysis Tube Kit

    The Oxygen Analysis Tube Kit, Non-Hazardous contains 10 g of platinized carbon, a pre-packed CHNS/O Reduction Furnace tube, the 2400LS Oxygen Column assembly, and the non-hazardous version of the Oxygen Analysis kit (N2410627).

    List Price : 5800.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Black Tygon R2400 Tubing, 0.25 in O.D., 0.125 in I.D., 1FT

    Multi-purpose Tygon R2400 tubing is used on a variety of different PerkinElmer instruments. It has an outer diameter 0.25 in, inner diameter 0.125 in, and is black. The tubing is sold by the foot.
    List Price : 3.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Valve O-Ring Adapter

    The Valve O-Ring Adapter, also known as the Skinner O-Ring, is a replacement part for the Normally Open Valve assembly. With this part number, the Skinner O-Ring can be ordered as a replacement or spare.

    Maintenance of the Normally Open Valve assembly should only be done by a PerkinElmer Service Engineer.

    List Price : 18.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Aluminum Capsules, 30 μL, Pkg.1000

    For Analyzing Volatile Liquid Samples, Volatile liquids should first be encapsulated in hermetically sealed aluminum capsules to prevent the loss of sampling material; the aluminum capsule is then placed in a standard tin capsule.
    List Price : 312.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Carrier Gas Line Assembly

    The Carrier Gas Line Assembly kit consists of a 6-Foot round copper line (0.125 inches in diameter), 2 hexagon nuts, two front ferrules (brass, 0.125 in) and two back ferrules (brass, 0.125 in). This assembly typically comes in the Copper Gas Line Assembly kit and the Turbo Mass Inert Gas Vent kit. With this part number, this kit can be ordered as a replacement or spare part.
    List Price : 97.00 USD
  • Valve Plunger Spring

    Valve Plunger Spring

    The Valve Plunger Spring sits insided the Valve Plunger and is a replacement part for the Normally Closed Valve assembly in the EA 2400 Elemental Analyzer. It can be replaced without the assistance of a PKI service representative. With this part number, this spring can be ordered as a replacement or spare part.

    List Price : 10.00 USD
  • Magnesium Perchlorate
    List Price : 72.00 USD
  • Filter Disk

    Filter Disk, 11 mm, Pkg.12

    For use with crossover fitting bracket assembly P/N N2410315, and bottom end of scrubber tube P/N N2411359.
    List Price : 56.00 USD
  • Magnesium Perchlorate

    EDTA, 100 g.

    This EDTA calibration standard is used for nitrogen analysis with 2410 Series II Nitrogen Analyzer.?
    List Price : 121.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Valve O-Ring

    The Valve O-Ring sits at the base of the Normally Open and Normally Closed Valve assemblies found in EA 2400 Elemental Analyzers. With this part number, the O-Ring can be ordered separately as a replacement or spare part.

    List Price : 10.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Acid Gas Scrubber Tube

    These quartz reduction tubes are composed of pure fused quartz which is 99% SiO2. Fused quartz has been chosen because of its very high purity and low thermal expansion rate. All combustion tubes are pressure tested to eliminate any tubes which might contain weak spots. In addition, strict specifications are used to ensure that the combustion tubes fit in an airtight connection when placed in the analyzer. This scrubber tube is included in the PerkinElmer 2400 Series II Oxygen Analysis Kit (N2410513).

    List Price : 164.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Ceramic Reduction Tube Ring

    The Ceramic Reduction Tube Ring, 11 mm, sits between the Glass Tube Nut and the CHNS/O Reduction Tube connector in EA Analyzers. With this part number, this part can be ordered as a replacement or spare. Qty. 1

    List Price : 43.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Aquasorb (25G)

    Aquasorb is a reagent intended for use with 2400 CHNS/O Elemental Analyzer.
    List Price : 120.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 1286.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Black Viton O-Ring

    The Black Viton O-Ring, or the RAM O-Ring, (0.859 ID 0.139 in WD) is a replacement o-ring for the Auto-Injector in the EA 2400 Analyzer. It comes standard with the EA 2400 Maintenance Kit. With this part number, it can be ordered separately as a replacement or spare part.
    List Price : 10.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    2400 Combustion Tube Wrench, 11 mm

    Also available in an 25 mm size (N2411144).

    List Price : 50.00 USD
  • Combustion Tube for CHN Analysis, Quartz, Pkg.10

    PerkinElmer combustion tubes are composed of pure fused quartz which is 99% Si02.
    List Price : 1474.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Solid Sample Handling Kit

    This kit is for solid sample handling and is designed for use with the PerkinElmer? 2400 CHNS/O Elemental Analyzer.
    List Price : 369.00 USD
  • Helium/Nitrogen Pressure Regulator

    Two-stage regulator for precise outlet pressure control. Brass body and stainless steel diaphragm for long life and minimum maintenance. Maximum inlet pressure of20,700 KPa. Supplied with CGA-580adapter. Approximate weight: 1.3 Kg.
    List Price : 1373.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Brushes, Pkg. 12

    Single quill brushes.

    List Price : 67.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Solenoid In-Line Filter

    Replacement 10 micron filter for P/N 09903665.
    List Price : 40.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Red Silicone O-Ring

    The Silicone Red O-Ring 25 mm, has dimensions of 0.859 ID 0.139 in WD and comes standard in EA 2400 Accessory and Maintenance kits. The part can be ordered separately as a replacement or spare. Qty. 1

    List Price : 2.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 975.00 USD
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